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Babul Ka Angna


Babul Ka Angna is the story of Mehwish, a young girl who dreams is to complete her higher studies and create her own identity. Her father support this dream but her mother, like the typical norms of society, wants her to get married and settle down as this will enable her younger sister Sehrish to get married also.

Mehwish is lucky, as a young, rich and charming man called Haris, falls for her.  Mehwish’s father refuses the proposal, as he wants Meshwish to fulfill her dreams. Haris assures the father that he will help her in pursuing her dreams even after they are married.  Her father agrees and the wedding takes place.  Married life is nothing but beautiful until one fatal night, the worst thing that can happen to a new bride, her husband gets killed. For Mehwish everything changes and once aging she goes back to her Babul Ka Angna where her mother, sister and Chachi make life very tough for her.

What is Mehwish’s fate? Will she ever be able to stand on her own feet again and prove her mettle?

Cast:Saleem Shaikh, Maham Amir, Mohsin Gillani, Ghazala Butt, Sumbul Shahid, Sophia Ahmed, Shan Baig, Ikram Abbasi, Aruba Mirza, Hiba Aziz, Sajid Shah, Sami Sani, Farzana Thaeem, Majida Hameed, Saba Khan, Anas Yasin, Nadia Kanwal, Ahsan Shah, Humera Arif, Huma Rehan, Asiya Naz, & Others

Written by: Mohammad Asif

Directed by: Tehseen Khan


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