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Apke Aa Jany Se


Zara is a young and pretty girl who has spent all of her life abroad. She grew up listening to stories about her ancestral town, Lahore and she dreams of visiting it. Zara along with her mother, Maira travel to Lahore to visit their relatives, where they meet Aswad, the son of Maira's former lover, Salik. While exploring the streets of Lahore, Zara and Aswad begins to spend more time together and develops a close bond that turns into love. However, Maira does not approve of their relationship due to her bitter history with Salik. Will Zara and Aswad be able to convince Maira or the misunderstanding between the families continue to grow? Will Zara & Aswad be forced to choose between their love and their families?

Writer: Aliya Bukhari
Director: Shahrukh Naveed
Producers: Hashaam Khan
Production House: HK Productions

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