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Andleeb Ka Aashiq


Andleeb, a kind, and innocent girl, is the beloved daughter of Shamim and the favorite of her three brothers, Zeeshan, Furqan, and Amaan. Her clumsiness makes it difficult for her to find a suitable marriage partner, causing concern for her family. Aashiq, a young and innocent man, falls deeply in love with Andleeb at their first meeting. Despite his aunt Ishrat's reservations, Andleeb's brothers arrange their marriage.

After the wedding, Andleeb's carelessness continues to cause chaos, leading to conflicts with Ishrat. Ishrat decides to marry Aashiq to another woman, causing dramatic and emotional turmoil. Andleeb fears losing Aashiq, while Aashiq is torn between his love for Andleeb and the pressure from his aunt.

Will Ishrat be able to get Aashiq married again? Can Andleeb win Ishrat’s heart and stop Aashiq's second marriage? Will Aashiq help Andleeb win over Ishrat? What will Andleeb’s family do when they find out about Ishrat’s intentions?

Writer: Saba Hassan
Director: Rana Rizwan
Production House: MIF Productions










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