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Dikhawa soars to new heights with soul-stirring OST

Geo Television’s new drama series Dikhawa took wings earlier this Ramzan, making a huge impression for its substance, structure, and thought-provoking stories.

An original sound track featuring Sahir Ali Bagga at his finest, gave us a blend of soulful melodies and heart-rending lyrics that capture the plight of the poor in this presentation of 7th Sky Entertainment.

Lyricist Imran Raza has channeled pathos from the depth of his soul about the sentiments of the less fortunate and their silent pleas that never make it to those who hold influence.

Sab diya rab ka hai to phir mera aur kia tera

Be bason ki be basi sab ko dikhana hai gunah

As more and more people seek instant fame online or want their content to go viral, people get inclined towards philanthropic activities with their cameras on. Dikhawa’s lyrics narrate how this may be upsetting for people on the receiving end as no one wants the world to see the dire state they are in. Sahir Ali Bagga’s power vocals have really added soul to those deep words.

Na dikha tu na dikha tu dard duniya ko mera

Kar chhupa kar neekiyan ke dekhta hai sub khuda

Bringing real life lessons to the screen, this morality-based series has excelled in inspiring our audience with moving stories in each episode that warn us about the evils of materialism, showing off and posturing.

Dikhawa depicts how people lose the spirit of empathy in their urge to showcase a lifestyle which is contrary to what they depict. In some episodes, the production maestros Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi worked on a more tense reality where people pretend to be kind and considerate until the truth unfolds.

The series has been scripted by some of the best writers in our industry including Mansoor Saeed, Amber Azhar, Samina Ejaz, Nabeela Raja, Almas Ul Ain, Shabnam Sani, Aamra Shahid, Rabia Mohsin, Ramla Salma and Faraz Mazaher.

Dikhawa airs every day at 5:30 PM as part of Geo TV’s Ehsaas Ramzan transmission.

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