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Shees co-hosts Geo’s new segment ‘Shees Aur Allama Sahab’

Geo Television has welcomed the child star Shees to grace the ‘Ehsaas Ramzan’ transmission as we enter the second ashra of the Holy Month of Ramzan.

With this addition of a new religious segment ‘Shees Aur Allama Sahab’, we are looking forward to innocent, intriguing and delightful conversations between Shees and Allama Kokab Noorani as he enlightens innocent young minds with profound answers to their questions.

Every year, scores of families celebrate their children’s roza kushai— an occasion where a Muslim child breaks the first fast. This is a moment of pride and joy for the parents and families of the children whose responsibility is good upbringing of a child in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

When children begin to embrace Islamic rituals consciously and hear stories from the past, their minds tend to get curious about why things are the way they are. For instance, when a child asks you if brushing teeth breaks their fast, a simple yes or no might not suffice. It is very essential to help them comprehend the logic behind it.

The dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi felt the need for a platform where children can tune in to find out these very answers. A religious segment in which they can learn about all the things they have been thinking about and to take them along this journey will be their very own friend Shees in conversation with the soft-spoken and wise Allama Kokab Noorani.

‘Shees Aur Allama Sahab’ will air daily at 6:00 PM.

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