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Dikhawa: Why showing off is more harmful than you think

Being the loudest can make you the weakest. This realization usually hits us when we face humiliation or watch someone embarrass themselves.

Geo Entertainment’s Dikhawa, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi deals with fundamental truths about the human condition. The series looks at how greed and the act of showing off have a great effect on our personality and decision-making— leading people to cross boundaries in order to maintain their status.

Dikhawa’s recent episode ‘Parwarish’ has captured the struggle of middle-class families who prioritize their children’s quality of education over everything else. This 7th Sky Entertainment production also highlights the harsh reality of parents who struggle to make ends meet in this journey.

Sami Khan is the child actor behind the character Umair, who being the only child of his parents becomes the center of their attention. Writer Zayad Azad shows us the complexities of raising a child who starts living in a bubble when he is admitted into a very expensive school.

At first, Umair’s father played by Shahod Alvi, hesitates in making this decision, but his wife played by Fazila Qazi refuses to see the bigger picture. Tempted by the illusion that an expensive school would add to their child’s self-worth, Umair’s parents fail to realize how this will make them look like in the eyes of their friends and family.

Directed by Ali Akbar, this episode goes on to illustrate the consequences of greed and the act of showing off when Umair’s demanding and pretentious nature, and his tall claims to his class fellows become difficult for his parents to fulfil. The episode goes on to show us how living this way can cost us our inner peace and dignity – which is more precious than any luxury.

Dikhawa airs every day at 5:30 PM as part of Geo TV’s Ehsaas Ramzan transmission.

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