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Dikhawa asks if you are really supporting your daughters?

Geo Television has introduced a new drama series portraying the evil of pretentious habits. Dikhawa captures how our quest for luxury or peer validation often prompts us to compromise our own integrity.

Producing duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have turned the spotlight on this topic of vital importance, which is, how our urge to influence others through false impressions often makes us violate our societal and religious values. 

Dikhawa’s first episode ‘Beti’ focus on a person who seeks validation of others through objects of luxury. Islam has given women the right to education as well as consent to marriage. Despite this obligation, most women and young girls struggle to avail these rights. Writer Samina Ejaz uses this story to remind people of all those times when they might have wronged their daughters by neglecting their basic rights.

Neelam Munir stars in the first episode of this series as Narmeen, who belongs to a household where her dream to become a doctor is neglected. Mehmood Aslam plays Narmeen’s father, Sikandar, who encourages his friends to educate their daughters and allow them to build a career, but is a hypocrite at home. Saba Faisal appears as Narmeen’s mother who shares the same view.

Narmeen’s parents, like many people in our society, pretend to be accepting of women’s right to education, career, and personal choice, but refuse to support their own daughters, sisters, wives or mothers in the same way.

Ali Ansari plays Narmeen’s open-minded brother who has the privilege to pursue higher studies abroad. His efforts to convince his parents to support Narmeen in the same manner goes in vain.

An unexpected encounter at Sikandar's doorstep, however, shows him the mirror — making him realize that he has been nothing but cruel to his daughter by standing in the way of her success.

Dikhawa has already caught the attention of many with its first episode reaching more than 1.6 million views on YouTube. The series airs every day at 5:30 PM as part of Geo TV’s Ehsaas Ramzan transmission.

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