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TENU KALA CHASHMA JACH DA AAY - Geo Entertainment’s Drama Celebrities With Sunglasses

Shades and Sunglasses not only help you in protecting from direct sunlight but also enhance your personal style.  Celebrities are the best example who remains indoor most of the time even than they are seen with the sunglasses for most of the time because they know that the use of sunglasses would make them look more glamorous and stylish.

Here we are sharing number of Geo Entertainment’s popular drama icons in shades.

#1 Mawra Hocane:

Our very own #Maryam is looking absolutely mawrellous in sizzling shades ❤️

Tenu Kaala Chashma (2)

#2 Sarah Khan:

Chand Se Chehray Pe Yeh Haseen Sa Chashma 😍

Tenu Kaala Chashma (4)

#3 Sami Khan:

Dhani’s Sameer is looking dapper *Drools*

Tenu Kaala Chashma (13)

#4 Meesha Shafi:

Another shade of Wazeer Begum 😊

Tenu Kaala Chashma (11)

#5 Rabab Hashim:

Classy look of Mannchali  *Wow*

Tenu Kaala Chashma (10)

#6 Fatima Effendi:

An adorable glimpse of Joru Ka Ghulam’s sunaina 😘

Tenu Kaala Chashma (1)

#7 Aiman Khan & Minal Khan:

Both the sisters are working with Geo Entertainment in dramas like "ISS KHAMOOSHI KA MATLAB" & "JORU KA GHULAM". They are looking super gorgeous with shades 😳

Tenu Kaala Chashma (3)

#8 Junaid Khan:

Marzi’s Zain smiling looks with shades ☺️

Tenu Kaala Chashma (7)

#10 Ayesha Khan:

Noor-e-Zindagi leading actress in her selfie with shades 💋

Tenu Kaala Chashma (6)

#11 Ushna Shah:

Gorgeous Rakshi is looking fabulous with black shades 😍


Tenu Kaala Chashma (14)

#12 Jana Malik:

Beautiful Afeera from drama serial Marzi ☺️

Tenu Kaala Chashma (8)


#13 Sonia Mishal:

Izn-e-Rukhsat’s Sundus with sunglasses 😗

Tenu Kaala Chashma (5)

#14 Madia Imaam:

Chullbulley, Rangoo ki Deewani, Hamari Dhaani :) Let’s sing a song for Dhaani "Goray Goray Mukhray Pe Kala Kala Chashma" 😎

Tenu Kaala Chashma (9)

Fans! Which celebrity with sunglasses you like most? Give us your feedback in comment section.