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Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein - Episode 08

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein is a love rectangle, where Nawaira is getting engaged with Nawaz which hurts her cousins Raza who is younger than her and has been in love with her since childhood. This affects Raza’s relationship with his fiancé Rimsha, because she is aware of his infatuation. Consequently, Rimsha develops resentment for Nawaira.
The antagonist of this play is Shariq who is Nawaira’s step cousin. He is also madly in love with our heroin. Nawaira, who is unaware of this fact, often visits his house to inquire about her sick aunt.
Shariq is very upset about her engagement and wants to conquer his love in any circumstances. In his stubbornness, he kidnaps Nawaira and the engagement gets broken. This causes chaos in the lives of Raza and Nawaz.
What will be the future hold for Nawaira and the three men in her life? How will Nawaz treat Nawaira after getting kidnapped? Will Shariq be able to prove his insane love for her?
Cast: Anum Fayyaz, Shahzad Noor, Ahmed Majeed, Fawad Jalal
Written by: Sumaira Sharif Toor
Directed by: Raamish Rizvi