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On Geo Entertainment… Ramzan special drama is now getting popular!!

 During the holy month of Ramzan, Geo Entertainment brings an unconventional and moral lesson based play "Dekho Chand Aaaya". The daily broadcasting serial is becoming more and more popular with every episode featuring on television screen. This special serial is all about Ramzan spirit and its virtues, the protagonist having character name "Chand" is shown as a simple religious girl having middle class background. She tied the knot with Hassan who is arich brat with poles apart religious aptitude in comparison of his better half.

Dekho Chaand Aaya-Second

The sweet and helping bahu "Chand" is not only facing her husband’s cold behavior towards her but also different kinds of jiggery-pokery from jethani and dewarani. Her mother-in-law also taunts her at several occasions for not matching elite class standards.

Chand’s father-in-law and Tai Ammi are the only two characters who always talk in her favor and encourage her efforts for observing blessing month Ramzan with real spirit. Dekho Chand Aaya’s audiences will witness the positive outcomes from the selfless efforts made by Chand and a positive message at the conclusion of serial.

Dekho Chaand Aaya-Third

Sara Khan, an adorable girl with cutest smile is playing the leading character of ‘Chand’ while Fawad Jalal can be seen as Hassan. MahamNizami, Ayesha Toor and Naveed Raza also featured in Geo Entertainment’s Ramzan special play.

Number of renowned and veteran celebrities like Khalid Anum, Sajid Hassan, Manzoor Qureshi, Nida Mumtaz and SumbulShahid are displaying the superb acting skills.

At "Dekho Chand Aaya" official facebook page (, we are receiving frequent messages for liking and now it is already become talk of the town on social media. The very drama audience is appreciating Geo Entertainment’s step to display positive, worth watching and Ramzan theme based drama serial.

Watch your favorite Ramzan special serial "DEKHO CHAND AAYA", daily at 11pm on Geo TV!