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7 elements that make MorMahal a mustwatch!


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Althoughafter watching the first episode of this epic fantasy, nobody needs reasons anymore to watch MorMahal. The first episode in itself was a testimony to all the speculation about its grandness; it also was a promise of the extravagance of the future episodes. Regardless of its overall appeal, here is a collection of seven elements that make this show a must watch:

1-First ever fantasy based drama in Pakistan:

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Title says it all folks! We’ve never seen such a large scale production of a drama belonging to this genre, revamping the norms of our typical Pakistani dramas, this show is the first of its kind created in the country, which is refreshing, intriguing and so very unique!


2-Unusual time period:

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The beauty of this show, perhaps, lies in how perfectly everything is brought together. From the artwork to the costumes, to the language, even the music is fused together perfectly to depict the time period two centuries back, as otherworldly as the fictional state of Jahanabad. Making you nostalgic for somewhere you’ve never been, a time you’ve never seen…


3-When TV goes Royal:

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Who doesn’t want to be a royal? And, seeing royalty in such abundance is for sure a pleasure that’s rarely bestowed upon us, that too, on the small screen. From the aesthetics to the jewelry and wardrobe, every frame was a portrait in itself. Watching all those women of stature and the Nawab, in all his magnificence was, in short, an hour exquisitely spent.


4-Women handling real power:

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Yes! After those first glimpse of Badshah begum, FarrukhZaad and Akhtari, depicting the power players of MorMahal. This show is already in my favorites’ list. Seeing women run the show is such a novel experience. The poise and class in depicting each character is breathtakingly rare and enthralling.


5-Umair Jaswal - The Heartthrob:

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This guy is one handsome reason to watch the show. From the moment the first episode started everything was so beautifully fabricated, every woman having her own agendas yet it all revolves around one man; Nawab Asif Jahan.TheNawab, played by UmairJaswal, is so predictable, slain by beauty and seduction but powerful and ruthless in the affairs of his state.Felt that tug in your heart upon his entrance? The Nawab of Jahanabad will be available to be gawked at, for one whole hour every Sunday!


6-Power Plays:

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It’s time for the typical saas-bahu dramas to pack up because MorMahal gave its audience a taste of politics and power plays on a regal and bigger scale. Motives,agendas, seduction and rivalry took on new meanings after the first episode. Drama? Naah… this is something much more complex and carefully orchestrated.


7-Versatile Music - Raags, Tarana& Pop:

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Never before has a drama launched having 39 soundtracks! Each song will forever imprint our memories, giving us a beautiful musical moment. The soundtracks incorporated in this show, ranging from classical raags and taranas to pop music is an embodiment of the wondrous combination of the Mughal, Egyptian, Greek and Turkish cultures depicted in MorMahal.


Of course the unexcelled big names behind the creation of MorMahal, its producer Babar Javed,SarmadKhoosatas the director and SarmadSehbaipenning the masterpiece, are a guarantee that this show will be nothing but the best and classiest!

If there was an element about this show that you think we missed and is one of the starring points of MorMahal, please do comment below and let us know…