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Ghar Titli Ka Par becomes the next big hit on Geo TV after Khaani!

Geo TV boasts another hit project “Ghar Titli ka Par” which is currently making nonstop ground breaking records by gauging high TRP’s with each episode being aired. It seems to be another feather in the cap of the makers, 7TH Sky Entertainment, after the huge success of drama serial Khaani!

The last few episodes have made been the most intriguing. Things have spiced up with the ongoing love interest between Shafaq’s husband and Anji. It is rage inducing to watch how Shafaq had benign trust in her best friend Anji who only used and manipulated her to steal her happiness out of mere insecurities.

Anji always held a strong prejudice and jealousy against Shafaq for having the riches and luxuries she could never afford. She has jeopardized almost all of Shafaq’s relationships in her attempts of getting wealthier. She has now stooped to the filthy level of having an extra marital affair with her best friend’s husband while being married to Aftaab.

Shafaq moved to Anji’s city to reconnect with her best friend. Little did she know that Anji was jealous of Shafaq’s new life so much so that she would try to end Shafaq’s marriage. However, in the last episode, Anji calls in to inquire about Shafaq’s health whose maid drops the truth bomb and exposes Anji’s real face to her.

Shafaq now knows that Anji and her husband have been toying with her emotions and have been betraying her blind trust behind her back. She is now devastated because she never imagined that the friend she fought her family for would turn out to be a blatant liar. Will Shafaq be able to save her marriage from her malicious friend? Will she able to confront Anji and Azhar after having discovered their secret love affair?

The story's theme of treachery, misdirection and envy has hit a string with the audience, because of its strong content, exhibition and character advancement. It is needless to concede that the scenes are executed splendidly and the director has done a brilliant job by enough zest to keep the audience hooked!