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Alina is steering her family’s ship - Shaam Dhalay Episode 5,6

Drama serial "ShaamDhalay" is gradually picking its pace and turning out to be most interesting plays on-air these days. After the sudden death of DaudSahab his family got caught in number of problems. They are suffering from financial crisis, a greedy suitor and step kinfolks. Alina is trying her level best to steer the ship of her family and providing them necessary comfort.



Majid, late DaudSahab’s lawyer is getting on the nerves of Alina. He is following her, trying to interact by hook or by crook and having his eyes on Alina’s wealth. Mendacious lawyer is also involving in diabolic schemes against Alina’s family and pushing them towards non-returnable debt.

Shaam Dhalay-Episode4&5(REVIEW)

Majid warned Alina in these words:

"Aapkay tamaam shares lose mai ja chukay hain,aap ko iss baar koi revenue nahi milay ga"


Maryam attended an art exhibition and met some commercial art-lover. His unconventional communication and behavior made her distracted. He said, he wants to purchase that painting just because she is watching it.


Maryam Replied: "Art kisi ki waja say nahi khareeda jata, it’s supposed to be personal."

Shaam Dhalay-Episode4&5(REVIEW)1

Alina’s step brother Khizer is such a good-heart fellow. He is morally helping them and behaving like a real elder brother. Alina’s mother is still feeling reluctant about him and not accepting his presence. Khizer wife Saba is a Janus faced lady and involved in DaudSahab family for the purpose of property and wealth.

Shaam Dhalay-Episode4&5(REVIEW)2

Well there are always some silver lines with every black cloud; Saba’s brother Adeel is too good with Alina and other family members. He is kind, helping and a sweet guy. He has developed remarkable trust and mutual understanding with Alina. It seems like Adeel has started liking Alina because his expression were pretty sad when he got to know about Alina’s relationship status.


Shaam Dhalay-Episode4&5(REVIEW)3

Things are getting complicated for Alina and rest of the family members after knowing the testament of DaudSahab. He has legally shifted his house in the name of Khizer. Saba is also making evil schemes with the collaboration of Majid. Some really tough days are coming to haunt the vulnerable family of late DaudSahab.Will Alina be able to save the shelter for her sisters and mother?

Shaam Dhalay-Episode4&5(REVIEW)4

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