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Do you suffer from Addiction Problems ? This Ramzan, receive the chance to share your story with us!

Geo Tez presents, "Khamar, Khandan Aur Akal"; a programme which will go on air this Ramadan 2018. The very first Episode of the show is to be aired on the 1st of Ramadan and it will go on till the end of Ramadan.

"Khamar, Khandan Aur Akal", is a program which will feature real life stories of people who have fallen victim to addictions, whilst highlighting the issues and communicating the potential outcome, solution and remedies on live-television. Our audience and viewers across Pakistan and overseas can share their stories of "addiction" and other addictive tendencies and habits that have negatively impacted their lives.

What is "Addiction"?

Addiction is a rather complex disease. It is often chronic in nature, and may last a lifetime. Certain addictions can go as far as affecting the functioning of the brain and body altogether, it may also cause serious and irreparable damage as far as families and relationships are concerned. The most commonly known symptoms of addiction may include a severe loss of self-control, continued use despite serious consequences, preoccupation with using, failed attempts to quit, tolerance and withdrawal.

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What people don’t understand is the fact that addiction is a rather broad term, It is not necessary for a person to be addicted to substances like drugs and cigarettes alone. Nicotine addictions include heavy coffee drinkers who cannot imagine a life without it. Drinking, Smoking, OCD, Screen Addiction, Substance Addiction, Behavioral Addiction etc., all fall under the bracket of "Addiction". Similarly, people may be severely addicted to the consumption of sugary foods and fizzy drinks, which can lead to chronic kidney diseases and diabetes.  Moreover, it has been learnt that individuals can also be addicted to certain habits that effect their everyday routine-life and relationships with their colleagues, friends and family members. Some people are addicted to inflicting pain upon themselves or engaging in domestic abuse.

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Addiction is a real illness, just like heart disease and cancer are real illnesses. It is not a mere weakness or desire. People belonging from all races and backgrounds, be it poor or rich, educated or illiterate, can fall victim to an addiction that consumes them. It is something that can happen to anyone and at any age.

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How to prevent an addiction?

However Addiction can be effectively prevented. There are treatments for people suffering from addiction and it is managed by healthcare professionals conjointly with peer support and family. It should never be taken lightly, it is a real problem, and the ones who are suffering from this lethal disease should immediately seek help before it renders you helpless and weak and prompts you to lose your ability to improve your well-being, make decisions, sustain a sharp memory and maintain healthy positive relationships.

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Geo Tez gives you a chance to send us a detailed account of your addiction problems and habits for the upcoming show; "Khamar, Khandan Aur Akal". The show will include a panel of eminent personalities who will discuss these addiction stories case by case as they educate our audience and viewers whilst providing the victims and subjects with effective advice, on the show.

If you have a problem of addiction, or other negative habits that you’re unable to break free from, please contact us on the following numbers via text message, and be a part of our campaign seeking to encourage well-being and prevention of addictive tendencies.

Share your addiction related problems with us on the following WhatsApp #: 0300 - 5515927

Note: Send video, text & voice messages only. We will not be able to attend any calls on this number!