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5 Legit Reasons to Watch Khaani - A Mega Blockbuster Serial

Masala-packed fictional narrative Khaani has undoubtedly won the hearts of our viewers.  What’s so special about Khaani? Why is it that everybody seems to be talking about the phenomenal love-story? If you’re not watching Khaani, we suggest you start because you’re seriously missing out! Here are some reasons to watch the popular drama serial, Khaani:

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The drama in the play, Khaani, is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. It’s grippingly masala-packed and there won’t be a single moment in the play, where you find yourself feeling ‘bored’.  Khaani may thrill you, excite you, it may even make you cry a river, but one thing it’s incapable of doing, is boring the audience. From the very first episode you will begin to relate yourself to the character traits of the protagonists. From Khaani to Mir Haadi, from falling in love with the wrong man, to making sacrifices owing to family pressure and poverty - Drama serial Khaani offers a little something for everybody; the only difference is, it comes with an awful load of drama and thrill, which leaves you craving for more each minute.

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Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen in love at some point in our lives and we all know how intense and butterfly inducing it can be. Well, Watching Khaani is like re-living the most unbelievable fairytale love in your head. The heart-wrenching music and poetic dialogues accentuate the romantic appeal of the play. Khaani is not a mere drama serial; it’s an experience, admittedly a quite lovely one - Beautifully intense and subdued beyond measure.

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Mir haadi, well,as they say, "Naam hee kaafi hai!"  – The picture says it all. Women are absolutely in love with the handsome Feroze Khan, who is playing a rather dark character of Mir Haadi; a spoilt brat in possession of opulent wealth and power, has drowned in love with the beautiful  "Khaani"; A simple young girl, belonging to a middle class family. The role adapted by Mir Haadi is reminiscent of a more aggressive, slightly modified version of the much honored character of Devdas. A Casanova who has found the girl of his dreams. what makes it most interesting, is that he can’t have her.

Absolutely ARRESTING aesthetics (A treat to the eyes) 

From the iconic architecture and sets, to the dream sequences where Mir Hadi is living his fantasy with Khaani; the unattainable love of his life. The Art directors have diligently invested in the visual detailing which has mightily accentuated the aesthetic appeal of the play. You can’t miss the stunning mansions and the majestic floral arrangement inducing an absolutely romantic sensation.


Khaani has managed to put together, a most fitting wardrobe for the characters. Saman Ansari, playing the role of Mrs. Mir Shah (Sitara) appears to be a true reflection of a wealthy, corrupt politician’s wife and her wardrobe doesn’t cease to project the same – clad in the most majestically classic attire in each episode, she steals the spotlight on screen with the elegant hair buns, crisp silk Kurta’s and pearl embellishments.

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Not to mention, Mir Shah’s (Mehmood Aslam) "suit game" appears to be on point. The 3 piece suits and waist coat on a crisp white kurta, complimented by the classic gelled-back hair and a gold watch to go with the expensive aura - couldn’t have done a better job with the styling; it’s truly a treat to enjoy the visual enrichment in the drama serial, Khaani.

Don’t forget to watch Khaani Every Monday at 8:00 pm!