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A Pakistani Fan Girl Expressed Her Desire to Meet Mir Hadi [Feroze Khan] & This is How He Reacted!

A UAE based Pakistani fan showed her love for Mir Hadi [Feroze Khan] and the internet cannot handle it. Though the screenshot shown below is taken from a closed females’ group on Facebook, the sincerity and desire to meet the celebrity was so pure that it somehow reached the charismatic yet down-to-earth Feroze Khan. The cherry on the top of this social media buzz is that Mir Hadi [Feroz Khan] replied back and admired the effort.Feroze Khan-BLOG

The world is so small and the digital media is getting faster than other mediums. Anything which becomes popular can create a news and it can reach to the right person within no time,  regardless of the borders and other constraints. This piece of news reached the right person within a few hours of being published and was replied back with courtesy by our strikingly handsome and enigmatic celeb Feroze Khan!

Thumbs up to the entire team of ‘Khaani’!  Undoubtedly,  the show is creating some real buzz on digital! Keep watching and appreciating drama serial ‘Khaani’ every Monday at 8:00 PM only on Geo TV