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Manchahi - Last Episode 30 | Har Pal Geo

Manchahi – Episode #EPS | Har Pal Geo rnrn#Manchahi is based on the life of Momina who lives a pampered life in a well to do family. Being the only child, she has everything. Her life takes a drastic turn when both her parents die in an accident. He mother was pregnant, and she delivers a baby girl before her death.rnPoor Momina loses everything and has a baby sister to look after. Her step aunt, Bushra, who lives a humble and conservative life adopts both the sisters. Momina, who belonged to an upper social stratum, now begins to live with lower income group family.rnThe liberal life of Momina becomes restrictive when, Sakhawath, son of Bushra, takes the responsibility to look after her. Days become tougher, when Bushra pass away leaving a young Sakhawath to continue his studies, run a shop and look after two young cousins. Eventually Momina becomes a homemaker and discontinues her education.rnBaqar, a close school friend of Momina, who loves to entertain people by cracking jokes, meet practically every day. Gradually they develop feelings for each other; however, Baqar is not sure if he seriously wants her to be in his life. Sakhawath, on the hand, thinks that he will marry Momina when the time is right. Sakhawath dislikes Baqar since school and he is unaware of the emotional connection which the two of them possess.rnBaqar’s friends make fun of him that despite Momina being his girlfriend, the couple stays at a distance. He gets provoked and forces his intentions on her physical, which makes Momina pregnant.rnWhat would be the stance of Momina towards Baqar? Will Baqar realize his mistake and provide a solution? How will Sakhawath react when he would find out about the relationship and the incident?rnCast: Zarnish, Annie Zaidi, Sadaf Yasin, Arisha Razi, Yasra Rizvi, Tipu Shah, Dawar Nawaz, Manzoor Qureshi, Kinza Hashmi, Faizan Rashid, and Mehboob SultanrnWritten by: Kifayat RodenirnDirected by: Nadeem SiddiquirnWatch More Videos Subscribe -