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"Mai Apnay Halaat Behtar Karna Chahti hoon, Mai Wakeel Banu Gi, Aur Apnay Makaan Ka Case Khud Larhun Gi"

 What a superb start of "Zoya Sualiha" with a motivational scene of "Top in exam" and one step more closer to dream. This play talk about girls power, ambition, passion and you can do wonders in a Pakistani society as well despite being fragile girl. Roti Dhoti Bahu, crying heroines can take our attention, we can have sympathy with them but we never appreciate and admire them… But Zoya Sualiha is kind of character that can be role model for a Pakistani girl, who is surviving in a male dominating society and wants to fly high as per her merit and dedication.

Life is not bed of roses, so Zoya has to pay the price as well for being confident and outspoken. She is fighting on so many battlefields like financial sufferings, Her Taya Jee has occupied their property and her fiancé’s mother doesn’t like her.  Zoya wants to do job to overcome their financial problem but her mother is worried due to social pressure. But all such obstacles cannot stop ambitious Zoya to fulfill her dream and standout from ordinary girls. Zoya has also raised valid questions in front of her Taya Jee like a lioness related to property and it seems like soon she will be a successful lawyer. *Thums Up Girl*

After giving Geo TV blockbuster serials like Heer and Dhaani, Now Madiha Imaam is playing central character of Zoya Sualiha and audience appreciating this play like previous ones.

 The beginning two episodes of Zoya Suliha lead its slot and this momentum will be continue:

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