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"Dil Toot Gaya, Usski Nafrat ko Mehsoos kar ke." Is KHAN still in love with Sarwat? KHAN - Episode 7 Review.

The previous episode of GEO TV’s super-hit Drama Serial; KHAN, was quite evenly divided between the multiple sub-plots, ultimately cohering into a dramatic, action-packed, enthralling whole.

Acknowledging that Sarwat holds KHAN responsible for the murder of her husband; Jameel, convinced that he was seething in his long-held grudge costing her the life of her beloved husband and KHAN’s rival; Jameel, who died before poor Sarwat could avail her chance at forgiveness for keeping him in the dark and stripping him off his "manhood", leaving behind a trail of misunderstandings, dark secrets and unspoken words. However, While Khan is ceaselessly exhibiting his power-status throughout the episode, in contrast, he is also caught expressing his softer side.

Naila and Kamal were the highlight of the opening seen this time. The two love birds were spotted, sharing their love-laced moments where they express their undying affection towards one another.

Naila: "Kithnay pyaar karte ho mujh se?"

Kamal: "Ithna ke main sari zindagi, har din, har pal, tumharay saath rehna chaahta houn."

However, when the subject of her birthday comes up, she demands a car from him, following the instructions of her mother. Although Kamal appeared to be hesitant (as per usual) being an advocate of independence, asking Khan for money would be a difficult quest. However, Kamal’s intense love for Naila propels him to bend, and request a loan from his father to be able to afford the car she desired. Shabana on the other hand wasn’t entirely happy with the brand new car bought by Kamal with assistance from Khan, for Rahat’s daughter; Naila. "Ghairon mein baat-thay phirthay hain, apnon ko de dia, tho kia faraq partha hai." Says Khan. Quite a humble and heart-warming response.

The audience is anxiously waiting to learn about the manner in which Khan and Sarwat’s story will develop in the upcoming episodes. Khan vents out to Zain about Sarwat. Some precious words were spoken during the scene.

"Aaaj main ne barson ke baad Sarwat ko dekha. Aaj bhi uski ankhon mein ansoon bharay huwey thay, Nafrat ke." Says Khan. The vicious king-maker is truly heartbroken.

"Apne Pyar ki Sachai ka yakeen dila doonga ussay!" promises Khan, as he decides to tell Sarwat the truths, just like he does in the company of Zain.

While Khan and the wife leave for their weekend-getaway, Rahat mischievously sneaks out to meet with the mysterious ‘Anwar’ who appeared to be constantly demanding the passports of her children. Rahat refuses to pursue the enticing prospect of eloping with Anwar.

"Meri umar ab iss hee tanhai ke saath guzray gi. Yehi Meri sathi haii.’’ Claims Rahat.

Interestingly, as Khan and Shabana indulge in the replenishing "break", we learn that her intentions were to gain answers from her secretive husband the activities of whom she perceived to be unaware of. The encounter doesn’t entirely satiate her pursuit of receiving the answers she required. Khan claims to be an ‘open book’ in front of his beloved wife; Shabana, who is his"taqat" and his "Roshni". "An open book", certain pages of which, have been stapled and concealed, rendering her unable to read, complains Shabana.

"Raaz ko raaz hee rehne do. Mazi ki kuch talkh yadein hain, uskay ilawa kuch nahi." claims Khan.

Shabana finds herself feeling skeptical of his claims. She secretly takes Khan’s phone and gains access to a phone recording from the conversation between Sarwat and Khan. In the exact moment, an attack takes place and she falls victim to a gunshot which grazes her skin causing minor bleeding. Khan rushed to her rescue and took her to the hospital as he demands that the attackers be abducted and found dead within the next 24 hours.

"Aap ne Jameel pe Hamla karwaya tha kya?" Asks Shabana as she gains consciousness. Khan appeared to in a state of utter shock owing to her impromptu inquisitions. He perpetually denied the accusations.

The real problem arises, with the chaos instigated with the upcoming elections and the mystery surrounding Jameel’s shrewd brother, Tahir, who has magically appeared in the picture now that Jameel is no longer alive. Tahir’s apparent greed for the seat appears to be his ultimate mission becoming a vicious pursuance, pertaining to which he wishes to eradicate Sarwat from the process in attempts of gaining the power-status.

In the backdrop of the political complexities and plotting, the IG is seen informing Tahir about Jameel’s widowed wife; Sarwat, who intends to lodge an FIR against KHAN for Jameel’s murder. The real twist arises when Tahir takes the bold and perplexing step of informing KHAN of Sarwat’s intentions, in response to which, KHAN says:

’Sirf ek hee admi hai jo yeh FIR rukwa saktha hai….. S.P Zaman."

The previous episode certainly evoked intense curiosity towards the events that are to unfold. Sarwat received a peculiar phone-call from S.P zaman. Although she refused to continue engaging in a conversation at the time, Zaman maintained an impolite tone as he dismissed her refusal to converse and blatantly mentioned certain personal details in attempts of weakening her position.

"Kya Jameel sahab ke katal ke peechay woh ishq to nahi, jo aap ke or Haqdad Khan sahab ke darmiyan…….." -S.P Zaman

Upon hearing these words, Sarwat’s countenance changed entirely. He further threatens her whilst informing her that the incident will soon become a valuable chunk for the media to exploit. Moreover, Zaman reminds Sarwat that the old FIR is inclusive of Sarwat and Khans names, rendering it a powerful proof that he has access to.

Will Sarwat lose this battle to punish the murderer of her beloved husband; Jameel? Will Khan go to war with Sarwat or will his affection for her get the best of him? Did Khan really kill Jameel?

Are you burning with curiosity? Well, don’t forget to watch the next episode of KHAN , on Sunday at 08:00 pm, Only on GEO TV, and find out the answers to all your questions.