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KHAN - Episode 6 Review

In the previous episode of KHAN, we see the Sarwat-Khan encounter, where Khan faces the love of his life; Sarwat. He admits to her that he had taken the blame for her stolen honor several years ago as he was merely following Chaudhry’s instructions and had no choice.  Sarwat explicitly says that she has no respect for KHAN in her eyes as he protected the man who had wronged her. In his defense, he had no other option. Khan was, at the time, buried under Chaudhry’s "Ehsaan" because of his father, which he had to repay. Sarwat ruthlessly says that he is no longer the man she had once fallen in love with.

"Tum  to  koi  dhoka  ho,  Fareb ho,  Jhoot  ho  tum,  tum  hee  ne  mara  hai  meray  Jameel ko.’’ Says Sarwat. She blatantly accuses Khan of her Husband’s murder. Sarwat claims that Jameel had told her about Khan blackmailing him. Khan made a conscious effort to explain to Sarwat that she is under the wrong impression. Sarwat on the other hand, appeared to be full of hate. She refused to believe her ex-lover and asked him to leave.

Moments later, Rahat visits Sarwat. "Wah, bari timing hai bhen bhai ki’’. Taunts Sarwat.  Her tone is awfully unpleasant. However, Rahat remains calm and explains to Sarwat that she is visiting to pay her condolences. "kithne arsay baad tumhe dekha hai". Sarwat appears to resent Khan and Rahat. "Ek  baar  phir  se  barbaad  kardia  hai  mujhe  tumharay  bhai  ne". Exclaims Sarwat.

Rahat explains that she has nothing to do with Khan’s activities and actions. Sarwat refers to Khan as a black mailer, who exploits people’s weaknesses. "Bura admi, blackmailer, KATIL.’’ These are the words she uses for him. "Main uss  se  Nafrat  karthi  hoon", says Sarwat as Rahat’s attempt to soothe the matter, however, her efforts goes to waste.

Meanwhile, Shabana and Khan are sharing the same moments we all anxiously look forward to. Shabana hints to Khan that they have been living a monotonous life and that she wants to go to the farmhouse for a weekend getaway. Khan agrees to take her whenever she pleases. Here’s what was really interesting; Rahat tells Khan that she wishes to pay a visit to Sarwat for "Taaziat". Khan is of course, not feeling too comfortable and asks Shabana to wait for the right time, and pay the visit with Khan, not alone. Shabana doesn’t seem entirely convinced that nothing has been wrong with Khan lately; however, she lets it go.

The police, on the other hand, confirm to the Chief Minister that it is a clear case of self-immolation and not murder. However, the CM is not convinced, he tells Khan. In fact, quite surprisingly. He wants Khan to investigate the murder. To find the killer or to prove that it was a case of suicide. Either way, do you really think Khan’s evaluation would be credible?

In the previous episode, we see how Khan is furious as to why Rahat paid a visit to Sarwat. He also asked Rahat where she had been before she met with Sarwat. Rahat of course feels guilty and dodges the question.  Following which, Khan provides strict instructions and makes it clear that she will not leave the house without guards. "boht  badal  gaye  ho  tum,  sarwat  ko  bhi  tum  se  yeh  hee  shikayat hai.", says Rahat to Khan.

Neelum has once again joined a news channel. Khan appears to be supporting his beloved daughter in her decision to work and move forward in life. Although, Khan makes a phone call to the young boy, who is associated with Neelum. He demands a meeting. Khan maintains an authoritative tone, yet sounds sweet and welcoming.

Rahat on the other hand receives the peculiar phone call from Anwar once again, who insists to meet her and for her to leave town with him.  Rahat warns Anwar of her movement being under surveillance. She mentions to Anwar that she would only be able to meet once Khan and Shabana leave for the farmhouse on the weekend. To which he agrees.

In the backdrop of all the chaos and political drama, young Bina’s lover is making calls to his beloved and offering heartfelt apologies for his behavior. Why wouldn’t he. He is being threatened, and pestered. He has also fallen victim to Khan’s devious ways. Bina melts as usual, and agrees to forgive and meet her lover.

The previous episode provided some more insight into the character of Tahir; the so called brother of Jameel. Clearly, Tahir was anxiously waiting to take part in the elections now that Jameel was out of the picture. "Sarwat bhabhi" on the other hand, is also a viable candidate as suggested by other members of the party who seemed to prefer her on that seat over him. Tahir emotionally reacts and dismisses the suggestion claiming that the women in their family don’t partake in elections. To which the members claimed, that Tahir and Jameel’s father has provided with the green signal for Sarwat to enter politics and make claims. "Main  ne  kaha  na,  ke  Woh election nahi  larengi." Says Tahir. Clearly, he detests the idea of someone else on that seat under the pretext of her mental condition being damaged due to the death of her husband. However, other members of the party insisted that she is brought forward for them to be able to land upon a conclusion.

The incidents were rather intriguing. Towards the end of the episode, Tahir goes to Sarwat telling her that the members of the party are insisting she partakes in elections, whilst advising her to refuse. Naïve Sarwat herself doesn’t seem keen. "Tum  unhain  khud  hee  mana  kardo", she says.  But here is what took the cake.  "Mujhe  Jameel  kay qatal  ki  F.I.R  katwani  hai." Sarwat demands. She appeared to be positive, that the death of Jameel was not suicide, but murder. Tahir’s countenance indicated fear.  He didn’t seem too comfortable with what Sarwat was saying. "Kiske  khilaaf katwaingi  F.I.R?" he asked hesitantly. To which she said: "Khan ke  khilaf."

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