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Hello Peeps! What’s up? We are hoping best that you must be getting fully attached with our serials like "Tere Bina" and "Tishnagi Dil ki".  At one side if we have alluring, bold and ebullient Neelam Muneer in one of the show than second one is featuring crying queen Anam Fayyaz in it. Despite the pole-apart personalities, these two chicks have one thing in common and that is "Mark of Mole" on their beautiful faces.

Anum Fayyaz, the young petite damsel has attracted the attention of many on the small screen through her acting skills. Her beauty mark on chin has become her identity. These days she is playing the character of Tabaa’n in Geo TV’s Tishnagi dil Ki, where she is misunderstood and stuck in a situation that takes her away from her love. Yes! She is shedding a lot of tears and who can done it better than Anam Fayyaz??;)

Now let’s have some words for Neelum Muneer! She has appeared in number of plays for Geo TV like Meri Subh Ka Sitara, Jal Pari, Ashk, Meri Behan Maya, Kesay Hoye Benaam, Dil Ishq and Bojh. Right these days, she is playing the role of "Pakeezah" in talk of the town play "Tere Bina". Along with her superb acting skills; she has been always noticed for her mole above the lips.

If we have to sing a song for these two "AN-MOLE" (Read it Urdu Wala Anmol ) beauties of Pakistan’s showbiz industry than it must be like:

Tenu kala Til jachda ae

Jachda ae gore mukhrhay te