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Kinza Hashmi to steal poor Anams fayyaz’s lover?

The promos seem to reveal some epic insight into the grippingly bold, intriguing and passion-infused story-line of the Drama Serial; Tishnagi dil Ki. The plot is meticulously sub-structured with use of intense dialogue and emotionally triggering scenes.

The emotionally-driven drama serial explores the themes of detachment and misfortunate happening in the backdrop of a truly passionate, heart-warming love-story. The drama is primarily centralized around the love story and the predicaments that are suffered by the ones involved. The drama serial Tishnagi Dil Ki explores the arduous journey of attaining your one true love, allowing it to be a relatable piece of art.

The apparently ‘unsympathetic’ Zuhair ( As labelled by his Love-interest, Tabaa’an, being played by the Brilliant Anum Fayyaz), is a misunderstood innocent, without guile, a sad, dedicated lover who has fallen victim to certain circumstances compelling him to part ways with the love of his life; Tabaa’an. Zuhair’s epic tragedy is showcased in an intensely poignant manner; it instantly draws attention to his powerful screen presence and brilliant performance.

The real twist arises when the promo unveils a rather interesting glimpse from Zuhairs wedding night. Tabaa’an is not the woman Zuhair takes home as his Bride. He is in fact forced to marry Natasha pertaining to the wishes of his beloved mother; the quintessential orthodox Pakistani mother, who is driven by her word and defined by her honor. The edgy role for the character of Natasha is played by none other than the beautiful Kinza Hashmi. Let’s face it, Love-triangles are perceived to be the ULTIMATE guilty pleasure in the entertainment department.  An enticing love-story is incomplete without the interference of the ‘Other woman’ in the picture.

Tishnagi Dil ki, Directed by Asim Ali and written by Seema Munaf will instigate curiosity and excitement within its audience. We are anxiously waiting for the serial to be aired and for your positive response to reach out to us. Azfar Rehman is the protagonist of the upcoming serial. He will be seen alongside the illustrious Anum Fayyaz and the beautiful Kinza Hashmi in Tishnagi Dil Ki.  The promotions for Tishnagi Dil Ki have been receiving wonderful feedback and we hope for our viewers to avidly watch the serial to appease their entertainment needs as the serial guaranties a brilliant story-line and a spice-packed plot. Tishnagi Dil KI, a 7th-Sky production, is going to be aired tonight, and every Wednesday and Thursday only on GEO TV.

Stay Tuned for more updates on Tishnagi dil ki and let us know how excited you are to watch it.

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