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We all are sad to know the reality that one of our favorite drama serial "Dhaani" has already reached to its climax episode tonight. *Crying cat face* Ah! The connection we all have made with memorable characters like Dhaani, Sameer, Raja, Shaani, Biji, Kareem Sahab, Maya and many more will be break but this play will definitely leave its long-lasting impression on all of us… Hmmm how can we forget "Shokh, Chanchal, be-baak si larki jisay zindagi har lamha jeena aata tha"!!

It seems like yesterday, when theme song of the play "Aap Bethay Hain, Balin Pe Meri" was released and gained everyone attention on electronic, radio and social media. Drama serial "Dhaani" provided us the pairing of Sami Khan and Madiha Imaam for the first time on television screen. The very audience of Geo TV’s popular serial appreciated crystal clear yet complicated chemistry of Dhaani and Sameer. First affluent guy Sameer tries to flirt with Dhaani and then suddenly fall in her love. This statement looks as simple as one plus one is equal to two but there were number of ups and down, betrayal, arguments and unsleeping nights between the couple. Dhaani, who was poor but was out and out high-spirited girl got adored by Sameer and made her futuristic dreams with him. But on the other hand, Sameer was only playing with her emotions. He broke her heart when she asked for commitment and Dhaani got her herself distant from Sameer. Ufff that scene still flashes in our mind … When Dhaani was crying in the rain because Sameer said: "Tumhare aur meray darmiyan yeh mohabbat kab se agaye… Hum sirf achay dost hain" Haye poor girl !!! :( who made lots of expectations with a player.

Now Sameer realizes what kind of gem he loses in the form of Dhaani. He feels empty, lifeless and more importantly regretted. He tries to attain Dhaani once again but now her family made an engagement with another guy. Sameer who left no stone unturned to convince his real love to Dhaani but it seems like luck is not favoring him anymore. He starts visiting spiritual places, pray for his love and become totally mystical person. Somehow he made his impression on Dhaani as true lover but now it’s too late to catch happy track again. Even after the Dhaani’s engagement called off, her family decided to marry her with Raja.

Will Sameer prays work for him and any miracle will be happened in the last episode of Dhaani? *Finger Crossed*


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