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The wait is almost over!! KHAN is to be released on the 19th of February 2017 and the countdown begins.  Geo presents to you, star-studded and premium-quality drama serial  “KHAN”. Noman Ijaz has made an audacious comeback on GEO TV with the release of KHAN alongside the illustrious Aijaz Aslam. Not to mention , prominent names like Atiqa Odho, Saba Hamid , Waseem Ahmed and Shaista Lodhi will also be seen on screen alongside these eminent personalities in the meticulously casted, special-budget project; KHAN.

KHAN, in essence, is an action-thriller Narrative engineered with an ultimately gripping dramatic edge. Infused with an emotional angle whilst preserving commercial appeal, KHAN is to air on TV with panache and flair. The production of this intense political-epic was a demanding journey. KHAN is a heavily financed project, scrupulously orchestrated with assistance from special attention to detail and designed to make a statement whilst maintaining remarkably high standards. The serial will certainly appease the aesthetic senses, given its spectacular opulence,  like no other; the elaborate sets, stunning locations and the splendor the art-direction manifests renders Khan a distinctive treat to watch.  Especially considering the manner in which the execution of KHAN has been carried out while funds were constantly being injected without any element of reluctance in attempts of ensuring perfection. Clearly, the show has inherited lofty expectations.

The story-line revolves around KHAN and explores the archetype of a highly influential ‘gangster’ whilst maintaining a deep commitment to subjectively as it observes the individuality and sensitivity of the dark yet solicitous and affectionate homicidal kingmaker, who is a loving father and a dedicated husband. The narrative takes an interesting turn where KHANS romantic inclinations from his past re-surface and his desire to reunite with the love of his life develops the plot towards an intriguing diversion point as delicate encounters influence the decisions of this powerful character. Be ready, for an absolutely entertaining and thrilling experience ahead!

Politically-driven drama-composite synthesized with multiple plots that cohere into a brilliant story-line aspiring to penetrate through the darkest compartments of the mind. The aspect of ferocious political-rivalry and internal governmental affairs in the backdrop of a passionate, heart breaking love story makes it a fiercely unconventional, substance-oriented piece of entertainment we have ALL been aching to receive the pleasure of watching for an awfully long time. Khan is guaranteed to be a groundbreaking experience, aspiring to induce a relentless downpour of emotions within its audience leaving them wanting more.