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Will Mahi listen to her heart this time? Episode 30th Tonight

Khuda Aur Mohabbat has picked up pace with the highly-anticipated interaction between Mahi (starring Iqra Aziz) and Farhad (Feroze Khan) in the 29th episode.

Earlier, Farhad only tried finding answers in what the majzoob had to say about love and suffering. He then became more restless after seeing Mahi. But before he could flee again, the majzoob (Noor-Ul-Hassan) advised him to make peace with his fear instead of running away from it.

A teaser has hinted that Farhad will soon be upgrading to his signature all-black-and-turban avatar as the older majzoob will be travelling for greater good, leaving behind Farhad to take up the responsibilities at the shrine.

As for Mahi, it’s history repeating for the young widow this time as well who had once turned down Farhad for family honour. In the recent episode, Mahi’s sister-in-law, Sahiba (Sunita Marshall), asked her to listen to her heart for once, but despite her earlier trauma, Mahi remains fearful of admitting her feelings for Farhad.

What’s worse is that Mahi is the only one who will have to pay a price whether or not she professes her love for Farhad. Expressing her love is just not it, the burden and the responsibility this commitment will bring is the real test.

With Mahi’s family already relying on her for a political success and then unaware that her heart belongs to someone else, the female protagonist has a lot to struggle with. And what makes “choosing her feelings” more overwhelming is that Sikandar, himself, did not have the courage to marry Romana despite being financially independent and influential. He may be in search for his former love interest, but he has already submitted to his Maa Jee’s wish of marrying his younger brother’s widow.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat airs every Friday at 8:00 p.m. on Geo Entertainment.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is a presentation of the country’s leading production house 7th Sky Entertainment owned by the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. It is directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and penned by Nadeem Hashim Khan.

The drama serial also stars Usman Peerzada, Rubina Ashraf, Hina Khwaja Bayat, Sohail Sameer, Fawad Jalal, Hira Somro, Waseem Abbas, Asma Abbas, Mirza Zain Baig, Javed Sheikh, Seemi Pasha, Shameen Khan, Meher Bano, and Fareeha Jabeen.

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