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How long will Tehmina Begum conspire against Umeed?

Umeed’s marriage to Rameez seemed as if all the worries in her life would come to a halt but one could not have guessed that her sweet mother-in-law would be the next person to become a nightmare.

It turns out that Tehmina Begum wasn’t really expecting that her newly-wed daughter-in-law will hold too much importance in her son’s heart— which develops immense insecurity. Apparently, Tehmina Begum has started to fear that Umeed might start dominating the house at some point in life.

This has brought her to create trouble for the innocent Umeed while Rameez has no clue of how his mother has been plotting against his beloved wife. It all started from the point where Tehmina Begum asks Umeed for the cash she was gifted on her wedding. When Umeed tells her that her cruel aunt took the money from her— Tehmina Begum gets disappointed of her family. And in that very instance, Tehmina Begum felt the need to track every step Umeed takes.

So far we’ve seen Tehmina Begum ruin Rameez and Umeed’s honeymoon plan with a fake foot injury in an attempt to blame Umeed for it. But when Umeed offered to stay back and care for her—which made Rameez appreciate her even more. But there is no way Tehmina would give up.

Now with Umeed expecting a child with Rameez, the disgruntled mother-in-law has already done much damage to Umeed’s reputation through her blatant lying and provoking Rameez over petty issues. Although their house-help is a witness to most of Tehmina’s conspiracies— it is yet to be seen if the matter will go too far before Rameez can find out who is bullying whom.

A recent episode also shows that Rameez crosses paths with another girl belonging to a middle-class as he lends her a favour. Will this connection be for a reason?

Umeed is a presentation of the country’s leading production house 7th Sky Entertainment owned by the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. This drama serial is written by Mehrunisa Mustaqeem Khan and directed by Zahid Mehmood. It stars Sidra Batool, Asim Mehmood, Humera Bano, Kashif Mehmood, and Afshan Qureshi in pivotal roles.

Umeed airs daily at 7:00 p.m.

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