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Why are we rooting for Sultan Durrani?

7th Sky Entertainment has given us a big-time thriller. When drama serial Deewangi kicked off earlier this year, the viewers were rooting for the lead actor Danish Taimoor. The drama serial started off with the usual selling points, the glitz and the glamour. An eligible bachelor who inherits immense wealth from his family, but uninterested in even the most glamourous ladies around him. Just when the viewer’s attention drew to how his ideal life partner would be like, Sultan snapped his fingers at the viewers… and his rich relatives.

Why are we rooting for Sultan Durrani?

Married to his work, the last thing on his mind was marrying an actual human. This is where it got more interesting. Sultan was someone who never saw marriage as a reliable institution. Given how his own parents got separated in his childhood and how his paternal uncle secretly married another woman, Sultan stayed alone with his unresolved conflicts.

And then he crossed paths with Nageen Faiyaz (female lead played by Hiba Bukhari).

Falling in love with a simple girl was no surprise. But falling in love with a bus hostess definitely was, especially to his cousin Narmeen, who thought Sultan was entitled to marry her, even after his refusal.

Why are we rooting for Sultan Durrani?

However, the writer behind this drama serial, Sadia Akhtar, has defined Sultan’s love interest as a woman of integrity. He fell in love with Nageen for her intelligence, grace and simplicity, especially when he saw her confronting a bus passenger for harassing her. However, he lost her for good when he betrayed her four years ago. No woman in her right mind would want to give her own kidnapper a chance at love. Nageen still hasn’t forgotten how Sultan pretended to marry her and got her abducted by his goons on their wedding day, only to accuse her of running away with someone else. A man who can go to such lengths for vengeance, is he really worth another chance?

Sultan’s passion for Nageen has captured the audience for now. The past few episodes showed how he offered Nageen’s husband, Haroon (Ali Abbas), a job in his news channel, moved his family to Karachi, got his grip on Nageen’s in-laws, and is now planting Haroon’s ex-girlfriend back in his life. Sultan may have loved Nageen only but forcing his way into her life, especially when she is close to starting a family with Haroon, Sultan is the last person to seek inspiration from.

However, Nageen’s in-laws pay no heed to Nageen when she is constantly trying to show them the bigger picture. Unaware of how Sultan had once wronged Nageen, her husband is mistaking Sultan’s friendship with a possible marital proposal for his younger sister.

Given Sultan’s habit to influence everyone’s decision with his money, Nageen is someone who can’t be bought. Which makes her put our hope in her. But it is yet to be seen if Haroon will pass the test of loyalty. And although Sultan has given Nageen his word that he would never approach her sister-in-law, this still does not save her from the fact that Sultan wants her back in his life.

Deewangi is a presentation of the country’s leading production house 7TH Sky Entertainment owned by the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The drama serial is directed by Zeeshan Ahmed.

Deewangi airs every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

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