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Shahjahan’s promise is at stake after his mother’s interference

Shahjahan’s promise to Mehru’s deceased father of taking care of the family has grabbed him by his throat in the drama serial Meher Posh as he finds himself stuck between Mehru and his own mother. Shahjahan’s mother is adamant on distancing him from Mehru’s family which is starting to create tension between the son-mother duo.

Shahjahan’s promise is at stake after his mother’s interference

Meher Posh was already being highly anticipated for Ayeza Khan’s character as an extra-ordinary girl, Mehru, alongside Danish Taimoor who plays her neighbour as well as her secret admirer, Shahjahan. The drama serial earlier brought its audience to ponder upon the social stigma behind divorce, bringing them to a realization that a woman’s life should not stop after divorce.

The production powerhouse 7th Sky Entertainment presented two sides of divorce; the recent episodes showed us a separation followed by the death of Mehru’s beloved father as her former husband, Naeem (Ali Abbas), went many steps ahead in humiliating her in front of her whole neighbourhood with unfounded accusations. Mehru’s home lost all its colours after that incident.

But if we wind back all the way to those episodes when the drama serial’s most optimistic and kindhearted character Mehru’s father was alive, the divorce wasn’t much of an end of the world. The family mourned the separation in the beginning during which Mehru even tried to commit suicide for the distress caused to her family. But with an ideal father figure like Master Sahab, who assured his daughter of his trust and held the family together, Mehru was back to being her beautiful self.

Shahjahan’s promise is at stake after his mother’s interference

Meher Posh took away our favourite character too soon. After Naeem’s harsh words lead to Master Sahab’s demise, the whole family lost a part of itself. Even with limited screen time of nine episodes, Rehan Sheikh touched the audience with the role of Mehru’s father, and the words of hope he delivered with depth and poise.

Sania Saeed features as Mehru’s mother who is left with two daughters and memories of her deceased husband. With his departure, the drama serial is now focused on Shahjahan’s urge to take care of Mehru’s family, owing to the promise he made to her father sitting beside his death bed. Directed by Mazhar Moin and written by Misbah Nosheen, the drama serial has a long way to go with Shahjahan holding back a confession.

On the other hand, Mehru had barely recovered from her character assassination at the hands of her ex husband. Quite recently, Shahjahan’s mother also added insult to her injury, leaving her even more shattered. Despite wanting to close all doors for Shahjahan after hearing harsh words from his mother, Mehru won’t be able to shut him out. Looking at the teaser, it seems Zainab Shabbir’s role as Mehru’s sister will soon come out strong in support of Shahjahan.

Will Shahjahan spend a lifetime blaming himself for Mehru’s condition? Or will the interplay between love and trust bring Shahjahan and Mehru together?

Catch Meher Posh every Friday at 8:00PM to find out.

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