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Tamanna: New drama serial touches extremes of a cross-class marriage

Geo Television has launched a new drama serial titled Tamanna which is a gripping portrait of how marrying out of social class often seems like a problem to everyone else except the couple itself.

This workpiece of producing duo Syed Mukhtar Ahmed and Farhan Qaiser under the banner of FM Productions begins with a scene of a funeral where the fate of an orphan comes into question. Nausheen Ahmed features as the protagonist whose mother married the son of a cobbler without giving an ear to words of caution about the class divide.

Although love can cross class lines, the drama serial is centered around Tamanna, who after her parents' demise is left alone to encounter endless taunts from her maternal relatives for a choice her mother made a long time ago.

Irfan Ahmed Shams has surely penned a story in which the sense of hierarchy in a society makes people look at cross-class marriages as a dishonor to the privileged family.

Tamanna’s uncles convince her to move into the same house where speaking of her mother had been forbidden for decades. Although her grandmother does not know what to do with the anger she felt towards Tamanna’s mother, she lets Tamanna move in with them.

However, Tamanna is treated as a disgrace to the family the moment she enters the house. While only some family members tend to be accepting of her presence in the house, the hatred she receives from the rest of the family is enough to make her life miserable. Directed by Irfan Aslam, the drama serial captures how Tamanna struggles to deal with these two extremes in the family.

Haroon Shahid features as Tamanna’s admirer who is drawn to her beauty at first sight. His helplessness turns into rebelliousness as he wishes to bring her into his life, but only makes it more difficult for Tamanna to sustain her place in the family.

Entangled with complicated familial relationships, will Tamanna ever be able to redeem the honor and pride of her parents? And after cutting all the ties with her own daughter, will Bibi accept her granddaughter by heart?

Tamanna will premiere on Geo Television on June 1, 2020. The drama serial will air Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM.

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