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Three movies that will premiere on GEO - so you can fittingly celebrate Eid

The Holy Month of Ramzan is near an end. As we bid adieu to this monthlong ritual that purifies our hearts and souls, we’re looking forward to the most-awaited festival in the Muslim calendar, Eid-ul-Fitr.

In today’s grim circumstances in which the corona virus pandemic has changed what we can do outdoors, Geo network has a roster of entertainment prepared for our audience which they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. We believe that moments of joy are created with a handful of close friends or family and good content. In keeping with our aim to provide quality entertainment responsibly, Geo is delighted to announce three exciting world television premieres this Eid-ul-Fitr.

To make sure our entertainment is for all; children, youth and adults, Geo has handpicked a variety of genres for a fun-filled family time — with a blend of comedy, romance, drama and thrill.

Speaking of fun content that goes for everyone, what better than everyone’s favorite The Donkey King, which scored millions at the box office after a splendid cinematic release in 2018. Produced by Geo Films and Talisman Studio, this animated movie not only gave the audience excellent animation but also a range of catchy songs and amusing fun lyrics. The Donkey King’s premiere will be aired on the first day of Eid at 7:00 PM.

Three movies that will premiere on GEO - so you can fittingly celebrate Eid

The next day will feature another laughter-filled, star-studded pick for the Eid festivities – Heer Maan Ja, which will air at 9:00 PM. This Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq starrer also scored high with both commercial and critical success. We know the audience has been missing a big fat Pakistani wedding on screen – and surely enough the wedding in the movie does not go as planned.

 Last but not the least, Wrong No. 2 is another top pick for the third day’s 9:00 PM slot, starring Neelam Muneer, Sami Khan, Javed Sheikh and Yasir Nawaz. This Rom-Com covers the glitz and glamour expected by the audience, whilst focusing on other selling points that pique the audience’s curiosity.

Three movies that will premiere on GEO - so you can fittingly celebrate Eid

Geo has selected and scheduled some of its earlier telefilms as well, produced by some of the leading production houses, to complement the Eid festivities. You can expect substance, story and structure in Love Siyapa and Lo Pakray Gaye when they air on the first and fourth day of Eid respectively. A handful of other telefilms including Chappar Phaar Kay, Dino Ki Dulhaniyan, Rok Sako To Rok Lo, and Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo will also reappear on the screens on this occasion.

Chupan Chupai, Load Wedding and Na Maloom Afraad— crowd favorites will also air on the Eid days in that order, featuring the duos Neelam Muneer and Ahsan Khan in one, Mehwish Hayat alongside Fahad Mustafa in another, and a powerful trio Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa and Mohsin Abbas for NMA.

The feature films Load Wedding and Na Maloom Afraad bagged many praises for Nabeel Qureshi for not only directing them but also for their screenplay, both co-written by Fizza Ali Meerza. Chupan Chupai also added to Mohsin Ali’s identity for his direction and screenplay, alongside co-writer Zeeshan Haider.

We’re excited to give audiences who missed these excellent crowd pleasers earlier, a chance to access quality entertainment even if we all have to stay at home for our own safety.