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  Bari Bahu
Drama serial ‘Bari Bahu’ revolves around a downtrodden and acquiescent protagonist having character name, Mona. She is the feminine statue molded with typical eastern wife materials like loving, caring and docile. The husband of Mona is kind of mature and responsible guy who sacrifices a lot to strengthen the family ...
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  Kaise Hoye Benaam
Kaise Hoye Benaam is a concept that revolves around the tragic truth of the society that is woman makes the house a home but she doesn’t have a home of her own… the story begins on a happy note where Shehrina (Maria Wasti) is married to an affluent man and ...
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  Piya Mann Bhaye
To fall pray for love and to be in love are two divergent poles. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy rivalry and betrayal. It shows how poverty can build walls in-between siblings and how a real sister can destroy another’s life just to attain her own ...
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Chhoti ab sar-e-shaam hi dilchuspian bikherna shoro hon gi
Sasural Meri Behen Ka
“Kaanch Ki Guriya” Larki Ke Armaan Bhi Kaanch Kay Jaise He Hotay Hain....
Maryam.....Khud Se Ziyada Kisi Ka Khayal Rakhna, Acha Lagta Hai….!
March Mein GEO Se Tehelka-Khez Serials Start Hongi
Ghar Aurat Se Hi Banta Hai....Kaise Hoye Benaam
Deemak Ki Aakhri Qist, Dramai Drop Scene Aaj Hoga.
Yasir Nawaz ka “ Bewafai Tumhare Naam” Mein Manfi Adakari ka shandaar muzahira
Where is true love, there is no doubt........
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