Bhoot Aaya
Kale Jadoo Ka Beh-Yanak Saya, Kya Shadi Ki Khushiyon Mein Bhoot Ban Ker Aa Jaye Ga?

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Horror stories, by definition, are scary but when you know they are based on real life incidents, does the fear factor increase? ...
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It’s a saying that Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.

But someone wise once said that a good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband, unfortunately Mr. Tafangam isn't this lucky he is married with two wives and none of his ...
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  Mann Ke Moti
Yeh Mohabbat Ki Tarap Hai Ya Anhoni, Fareeha Ka Guddu Wapis Aa Gaya Hai?

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The serial tells the story of a woman (Faria) who is living the life that every woman dreams about except some economical constraints. She ...
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  Miss Fire
The story of two happily married sisters living a satisfactory life with their Husbands. Until their eldest sister drops in to live with them, the husbands assume that she will destroy their domestic lives and want to get rid of her. Each episode will have a new story revolving around ...
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Rukhsaar Per Dhaye Gaye Zulm Ka Ehsas, Kia Ammar Phir Zid Ker Ke Rukhsaar Ko Apnaye Ga?

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The serial Rukhsaar explores and highlights the dark side of our society and how people sacrifice their own loved ones for ...
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Kaisay Puri Ker Paye Gi Maleeha, Fatima Ke Susral Ki Jahez Ki Mang?

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After her father’s untimely death Maliha has to take care of her three young sisters and a brother and it’s her who had to marry ...
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  The Shareef Show “Mubarak Ho”
A new face of Umer Shareef in a brand new format once again on Geo.

Umer Shareef will host the show in his unique comic style and will treat serious topics in a humorous/satirical manner.

Host: Umer Shareef
Fresh Airing: Sunday at 7:00 pm ...
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  Uff Yeh Mohabbat
Firdous Ka Lad Bhi, Sameer Aur Dil-Kash Ke Beech Na Aa Saka....!

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A tale of two people Sameer and Dilkash, and their lives. The serial is about their Union and separation and at the end the two ...
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  Utho Jago Pakistan
Rise & Shine With Shaista

To provide a morning show that becomes a lifestyle for our target audience. Our segments offer beauty solutions, advice, gifts and a chance to win and be on the show along with our host.

To send SMS for feedback on show type:UJP Your Message and Name ...
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Last Episode of Ranjish Hi Sahi Tonight at 8:00 pm
Rukhsaar….Raat 8:00 Baje
Yeh Zindagi Hai
Bashar Momin Rudaba Se……
Malika-E-Aliya….8th April at 9:00 pm
Tohmat Ka Azaab Jhelti Rukhsaar Aur Nayaab
Mann Ke Moti…Sunday at 8:00 pm
Rukhsati….Raat 8:00 Baje
Do Qadam Dur Thay…at 9:00 pm
Names have power –Bashar Momin Episode 2:
Ummm Okay.. so we finally had Bashar Momin second episode last night and I was pretty sure it would maintain its charm like the previous one. This package continued character development via more little incidents of all the characters we have. I believe in the statement that family is everything; Adil’s love for his baby sister has somehow made Sahira uncomfortable. The best scene was when Adil was talking and convincing Rudaba to come and live t
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