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“CHOTI” the story of an Eight year old girl (Najiah/Jia), who is forcefully left, by her own mother (Rasheeda) at Begum Usman’s house to work day and night and to play with Usman & Naila’s daughter Pinky. Over the period of time Jia will face problems on her own, and ...
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  Kaise Hoye Benaam
Kaise Hoye Benaam is a concept that revolves around the tragic truth of the society that is woman makes the house a home but she doesn’t have a home of her own… the story begins on a happy note where Shehrina (Maria Wasti) is married to an affluent man and ...
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To fall pray for love and to be in love are two divergent poles. Wajdan and Anushey, the two lead characters are a plotted in a similar way in The Kingdom Of Hearts. They love each other but Wajdan's mother Mehtab Bano is rigid and disinclined to his sentiments for ...
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  Student of the Year
Dean Yoginder Vashisht (Rishi Kapoor), retired, has fallen gravely ill. Several students from his final year at St. Theresa's College rush to his side. In flashbacks, they all recall the events that none of them have gotten over yet, including the dean, and how the "Student of the Year" competition ...
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  Tarang Housefull - Anjuman
Anjum Hayat Khan is a young and innocent girl, studying in university. Some notorious students therein use to tease her but she reacts nowhere and avoids facing them instead. Asif tries to stop those guys and this leads to a fight in the university. Later, the same group of students ...
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“Maryam” Faisal Qureshi aur Mawra ki zabardust adakari
Malika-E-Aliya Sultana aur Malika ke baad Palwasha bhi medan mein
Drama serial “Chhoti” mein aaj Sheeraz per Jia ka jadoo chalay ga
Sasural Meri Behen Ka…….
Chhoti ab sar-e-shaam hi dilchuspian bikherna shoro hon gi
Sasural Meri Behen Ka
“Kaanch Ki Guriya” Larki Ke Armaan Bhi Kaanch Kay Jaise He Hotay Hain....
Maryam.....Khud Se Ziyada Kisi Ka Khayal Rakhna, Acha Lagta Hai….!
Anaya Tumhari Hui
An Unforgettable Story of Hope, Expectations and Girly Dreams....
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