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  Piya Mann Bhaye
To fall pray for love and to be in love are two divergent poles. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy rivalry and betrayal. It shows how poverty can build walls in-between siblings and how a real sister can destroy another’s life just to attain her own ...
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To fall pray for love and to be in love are two divergent poles. Wajdan and Anushey, the two lead characters are a plotted in a similar way in The Kingdom Of Hearts. They love each other but Wajdan's mother Mehtab Bano is rigid and disinclined to his sentiments for ...
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Subh-e-Pakistan is a LIVE morning show from Monday to Friday being hosted by the renowned anchor and research scholar, Aamir Liaquat Husain. The morning show aims to initiate a thought provoking session through doctors, scholars, celebrities, and common men. The morning show includes audience coming from educational institutes and educated ...
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  Susral Meri Behen Ka
Susral meri behen ka' is the story that revolves around 2 sisters Sanober and Alina . The elder sister (Sanober) is apathetic and has laid-back attitude however, the younger sister is diligent and a caring girl. Despite of Sanober’s insensitive attitude , she is her mother’s favourite ...
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“CHOTI” the story of an Eight year old girl (Najiah/Jia), who is forcefully left, by her own mother (Rasheeda) at Begum Usman’s house to work day and night and to play with Usman & Naila’s daughter Pinky. Over the period of time Jia will face problems on her own, and ...
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Any much married man would never approve of polygamy but living in an unpredictable world one can never be too sure!Shabaz and Shiza are celebrating their matrimonial bliss to its optimum. They have a smooth sailing ! Shabaz couldn't have ever thought of a second wedlock only until he chanced ...
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Yasir Nawaz ka “ Bewafai Tumhare Naam” Mein Manfi Adakari ka shandaar muzahira
"MERI MAA" Daniyal, Rameen ki mohabbat aur Alvina ki chaal mein phans gaya
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Aap Ki Kaneez..Monday Raat 8 Baje
Saltanat-E-Dil…Raat 8 Baje
Bari Bahu..Wed & Thu at 10 pm
Malika-E-Aliya Mein Aik Aur Hadsa
When real sisters fight for worldly dreams… Piya Mann Bhaye
Piya Mann Bhaaye: Bohat qareeb, ziada raqeeb: What happens when fate turns siblings into enemies?
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