Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge also known as DDLJ, is a 1995 Indian romantic comedy musical film. The film tells the story of a young couple who fall in love on a European vacation, and relates how the boy tries to win over the girl's parents so that she can marry ...
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  Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat
The sequel to ‘Azar Ki Aeygi Baraat’, ‘Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat’ revolves around the life, times and wedding plans of Azar’s cousin Dolly. After having had her heart shattered to pieces because she couldn’t marry the love of her life Azar; Dolly is now all set to do as mother ...
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  Dulha Bana Bakra
Mr. Maqsood Ahmed is worried about his two naughty but good-natured daughters Humira and Sana. His friend Shakeel Hassan is also worried about both his son’s engagement but couldn’t find a decent match for Qasim and Raza. For this Mr. Maqsood and Shakeel decides to spend the Bakra Eid together ...
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  Jimmy Bond
This teleplay is about 2 con artists(mother daughter) who are famous for fraud but eventually fall prey to bigger fraud.

Cast : Samina Ahmed , Moammer Rana,Sana Javed,Azfer Rehman,Rahma Ali
Writer: Mohammed Ahmed
Director:Atif Hussain
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Fresh Timings: 2 August 2014 at 2:00 pm & 10:00 pm ...
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  Kaash Tu Mera Baap Na Hota
A romantic comedy revolving around Sasha (Saira Yousaf) and her authoritarian father, ex-intelligence DG Zarak Malik (Ismail Tara). When Sasha tells her father she is in love with corporate guy Irfan Alvi (Vasay Choudary), he’s up in arms. Things only get worse when Sasha pressures her father to meet the ...
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  Mehndi Laga Kay Rakhna
This teleplay is on the feel of Yeh Zindagi Hai, a strict father has all restrictions for his daughter, wife and sister but he himself is having an affair with a younger girl who is his daughter’s friend which is unfold in the end…all in lighter mood.

Cast: Javeria Saud,Shamoon,Yasir Nawaz,Nahid ...
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  Papa Maan Jayein Gay
When Faizan’s father discovers he spent four years in Canada studying dance rather than engineering, he is up in arms. In an effort to prove he can earn money as a choreographer, Faizan agrees to choreograph a big socialite mehndi, where he comes face to face with long lost rival ...
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  Shadi Ka Chaand
When a Peon invites his boss to his son’s wedding little does he know that entertaining the ‘guest of honor’ will end up becoming more important than the wedding ceremony itself and even the bride and groom! A fun-filled telefilm starring Humayun Saeed and Danish Nawaz and directed by Yasir ...
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The title Siyaah aptly embodies the cryptic content of this hair-raising horror flick. The story revolves around a married couple, Bilal (Jabbar Naeem) and Zara (Hareem Farooq) who move into a new house on the outskirts of Islamabad following a personal tragedy. They decide to adopt a child to mitigate ...
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