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  Inaam Ghar Plus
'Inaam Ghar Plus' is a mega game show and the second season of the super hit 'Inaam Ghar'. This season yet again, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain promises to bring about a revolutionary change in the game show trend. With utmost diversity and thrilling games, Inaam Ghar Plus aims at bringing ...
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“CHOTI” the story of an Eight year old girl (Najiah/Jia), who is forcefully left, by her own mother (Rasheeda) at Begum Usman’s house to work day and night and to play with Usman & Naila’s daughter Pinky. Over the period of time Jia will face problems on her own, and ...
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To fall pray for love and to be in love are two divergent poles. Wajdan and Anushey, the two lead characters are a plotted in a similar way in The Kingdom Of Hearts. They love each other but Wajdan's mother Mehtab Bano is rigid and disinclined to his sentiments for ...
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  Kaanch Ki Gurya
'Kaanch Ki Gurya' is a beautiful plot of girls being like glass, so fragile and clear but they feel broken due to the hardships of life just the same way a glass is broken if fallen down... story revolves around a shattered girl who face the deprivations and sufferings of ...
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‘Maryam’ is about a young woman (Mawra) who is innocent, fun-loving and bubbly by character she liked Amaan (Faysal Qureshi). Maryam puts forward the proposal of marrying Faisal Qureshi and they happily get married and Maryam lives a life of bliss. The couple had good understanding and trust for each ...
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  Susral Meri Behen Ka
Susral meri behen ka' is the story that revolves around 2 sisters Sanober and Alina . The elder sister (Sanober) is apathetic and has laid-back attitude however, the younger sister is diligent and a caring girl. Despite of Sanober’s insensitive attitude , she is her mother’s favourite ...
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Subh-e-Pakistan is a LIVE morning show from Monday to Friday being hosted by the renowned anchor and research scholar, Aamir Liaquat Husain. The morning show aims to initiate a thought provoking session through doctors, scholars, celebrities, and common men. The morning show includes audience coming from educational institutes and educated ...
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  Malika-E-Aliya Season 2
Malika-E-Aliya Season 2, story about a woman Malika-E-Aliya (Maria Wasti) who had greed for wealth and power due to which she suffered a lot of pain and disrespect. She realizes her mistake and convinces everyone in her in-laws for forgiveness. Khadija, Noman, husband (Furqan) and daughter (Rida) everyone forgives her ...
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  Bewafai Tumhare Naam
Bewafai Tumhare Naam is about Saba, Wasif and Maira. Wasif starts cheating on Saba with Maira and in the end marries Maira. Maira belongs to lower middle class family, who successfully create a room in wealthy Wasif’s heart. When this concealed relationship reveals to sincere Saba, she is heart-broken. Daily ...
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Chhoti ab sar-e-shaam hi dilchuspian bikherna shoro hon gi
Sasural Meri Behen Ka
“Kaanch Ki Guriya” Larki Ke Armaan Bhi Kaanch Kay Jaise He Hotay Hain....
Maryam.....Khud Se Ziyada Kisi Ka Khayal Rakhna, Acha Lagta Hai….!
March Mein GEO Se Tehelka-Khez Serials Start Hongi
Ghar Aurat Se Hi Banta Hai....Kaise Hoye Benaam
Deemak Ki Aakhri Qist, Dramai Drop Scene Aaj Hoga.
Yasir Nawaz ka “ Bewafai Tumhare Naam” Mein Manfi Adakari ka shandaar muzahira
Where is true love, there is no doubt........
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