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  Bari Bahu
Drama serial ‘Bari Bahu’ revolves around a downtrodden and acquiescent protagonist having character name, Mona. She is the feminine statue molded with typical eastern wife materials like loving, caring and docile. The husband of Mona is kind of mature and responsible guy who sacrifices a lot to strengthen the family ...
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  Battamiz Dil
This teleplay is a romantic comedy – 3 brothers rent out their upper portion to 3 sisters (the youngest couple are university friends and basically it’s their plan that the sisters take the upper portion on rent). The story in a lighter mood revolves how the eldest brother initially resents ...
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  Bhoot Aaya
Horror stories, by definition, are scary but when you know they are based on real life incidents, does the fear factor increase? Based on supernatural true incidents; ‘Bhoot Aaya’ is Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, which attempts to explore the unexplained forces of the dark world and their encounters with ...
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  Dil Chahta Hai
“Dil Chatha Hai” is a story of Three Old persons, who don’t want to accept the fact that they are getting old now, And they also act and behave like youngsters. These three men are also old friends, and lives in a same apartment. The first one is a Widower, ...
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  Ek Dulhan Dou Barati
This is a light hearted comedy that is based on the wedding of Qutub Ali's daughter Fareeda. The wedding preparations are on in full swing and Jaba'a (maternal cousin) is noted to be doing all her work. He likes her a lot but has never been able to express his ...
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Any much married man would never approve of polygamy but living in an unpredictable world one can never be too sure!Shabaz and Shiza are celebrating their matrimonial bliss to its optimum. They have a smooth sailing ! Shabaz couldn't have ever thought of a second wedlock only until he chanced ...
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  Jimmy Bond
This teleplay is about 2 con artists(mother daughter) who are famous for fraud but eventually fall prey to bigger fraud.

Cast : Samina Ahmed , Moammer Rana,Sana Javed,Azfer Rehman,Rahma Ali
Writer: Mohammed Ahmed
Director:Atif Hussain
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  Karakti Bijliyan
The amusing story of a small-time theatre artist who disguises herself as a 'respectable' lady all in a bid to win over the family of the man she loves. The question long will she be able to keep up the facade before she's caught? Starring Hina Dil Pazeer and ...
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  Sayyoun Ni Mera Mahi
Sila and Jia are best friends, practically sisters. Though opposites they have a very close bond so when Jia’s family moves to U.K they leave Jia with Sila so that she may complete her House Job. This is when Tabish enters their life (young film editor). Tabish is madly in ...
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Drama serial ‘Aap ki Kaneez’ become interesting phenomenon as the story progress towards major events. Kaneez’s elder sister Arzu wanted to meet with
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