This is the story of a closely bonded household, having some internal issues pertinent to finances and grand-daughters’ marriages. The story revolves around prominent characters which are Nani, Sakina Samoo as Shagufta Kali, who is religious, having good conduct and etiquettes & Dadi, Azra Mohiuddin, who is joyful and happy-go-lucky natured, however, they both are ages apart.

While facing all these hurdles and losing hope, one day Mr. Jamshed, who is based in America and is their brother-in-law, calls Nani & Dadi and says that he has lost and wife and now he is sending his son, Ali, to Pakistan for marriage to one of their grand-daughters. On this voyage, Ahmed adjoins Ali as being a close friend. Unfortunately, their elder grand-daughter got engaged to Ahmed instead of Ali. Later, Ali accepts this engagement and chooses the second grand-daughter as better-half. Before Eid’s bell just about to rang, Mr. Jamshed returned to the family and started resolving their problems one by one.

How things will end up, what actions will Mr. Jamshed take and what is going to happen with this family, specially their younger ones who have chosen to marry girls they do not know much? Get to know it by watching Geo TV on this EID

Written by: Kiran Shah

Directed by: Syed Muhammad Khurram

Produced by: Babar Javed

Cast: Sakina Samoo as Shagufta Kali (Nani), Azra Mohiuddin Dadi, Arjumand Azhar as Shahab, Lubna Aslam as Shabana, Moomal Khalid as Madiha, Iqra Shahid as Maliha,

Shahzeen Rahat as Fasiha, Ahmed Zeb as Ahmed, Yasir Ali Shah as Ali

Mushtaq Molidena as Jamshed, Adeel as Fahm o Farasat