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Let’s face it. We all want the shiny, luscious hair all the T.V actresses seem to be flaunting on television screens. Sadia Khan and Aimen Khan along with many others appear to giving us serious hair-goals!! Thick and long hair is a sign of true beauty, so why not work towards achieving the perfect hair?  Listed below are some hacks to achieving healthy and beautiful hair while stimulating growth:

STOP Bleaching your Hair.

This is the FIRST step towards achieving healthy, luscious hair. Hair bleaching is an extremely damaging process, and it’s really not worth it. It’s simple, if you want your hair to grow whilst maintaining hair-thickness and shiny texture, discontinue using harmful bleaching and lightning hair products.



Split ends STOP hair growth.

Women don’t realize how important it is to get rid of damaged hair and split ends. Don’t be afraid of trimming your hair regularly, it encourages hair-growth and speeds up the process altogether.



DO NOT wash your hair every day.

Washing hair everyday using shampoo will damage your hair, this is not a myth – it’s a real beauty tip. Washing hair excessively results in a loss of natural oils and leads to a rough and unpleasant texture.

Here’s an extra tip: Make sure to massage the scalp when washing your hair. Massaging the hair increases blood circulation whilst increasing hair growth.



Use home-made hair masks.

Just like the skin, the hair also requires rich and natural ingredients in order to retain moisture. Home-made hair masks usually do wonders for the hair. Make sure you allow the hair to absorb the nutrients and rinse with cold water after 30 to 45 minutes after the mask application. (Rinsing with cold water stimulates hair-growth)

Here are two timeless hair-mask recipes:

  • Miracle shine mask:

1 Banana + 2 tbs. of fresh aloe Vera gel, 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar + 2 tbs of honey

  • Intense hair growth Mask

1 Egg + 2 tbs of freshly squeezed lemon juice + 2 Tbs. Mayonnaise + 3 – 4 tbs. of almond milk



Natural oils do wonders for hair-growth

Moroccan Argan Oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the 3 most effective, affordable and easily available oils as they instantly stimulate growth and transform hair texture leaving it feeling softer, healthier and more beautiful than ever upon using regularly. You may also use tea-tree oil, Grape seed oil and jojoba oil, while they work magic, they’re slightly expensive and not so easily available in every local store, therefore, the first three are recommended more regularly.




Healthy diet and Exercise

It’s important to understand the role diet and exercise play in hair growth. Eating well-balanced meals will allow you to consume the right nutrition’s and reflect in your hair. Make sure you are consuming enough plant-based foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Effective foods may include spinach, carrots, eggs and citrus fruits for that much-needed dose of Vitamin C. Exercise will reduce stress and help with hair loss. Moreover, regular exercise will result in Increased blood-circulation and sweating through the scalp will get rid of unpleasant toxins and accelerate hair-growth.





Consume a lot of water and multivitamins.

It really is that simple: a hydrated body leads to hydrated hair. Try to consume at least 15 glasses of water every day. The more water you drink, the healthier your skin and hair feel. Lastly, consuming a daily multivitamin works magic. Sometimes it can become difficult to consume all the important minerals and vitamins through a natural diet, multivitamins compensate for the lack of nutrients our hair and skin require in order to maintain growth and healthy texture.



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