#Adhoora Bandhan Episode 35 | Har Pal GeornIfrah, protagonist of the story Atiya has a self- effacing, benevolent and a polite demeanor. At an age of eighteen, when girls fanaticize about their marriage, she worries about her shelter. Daughter rose by a single mother, is being forced to marry her cousin. The girl barely escapes the situation and reaches to the land of stepfamily; where she is humiliated, kidnapped, kicked out of the house followed by several troublesome incidences which make her stuck in a vicious cycle. Despite having a mother who leaves Ifrah high and dry due to her own reasons, the protagonist hopes for a figure to play the role of a bulwark and protect her against all odds.rnrnWritten by: Huma Hina NafeesrnDirected by: Shah HussainrnProduced by: Babar JavedrnCast: Nouman Masood,Farah Shah,Suhail Sameer,Madhia Rizvi,Erum Akhter,Faria Sheikh,Naeem Tahir,Furqan Qureshi,Rashid Farooqi,Farah Nadeem,Uzair Abbasi,Yasir Ali,Zain Khan,Omer,Ramsha Khan,Sabah,Rashda Tabbasum,Nadeem Tahir,Hafsa Butt.rnrn#harpalgeorn#GEO

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