Kabhi Socha Na Tha – Episode 4 | Har Pal GeornrnSarah is a doctor by profession and works in a local hospital but she has number of negative traits in her personality. She is a doubter, bad-tempered and sarcastic at most of the times in her dealings. Despite Sarah’s grumpy nature, the two of the families were living peacefully but some serious trouble occurs when Naila’s younger sister Kainat leave her husband’s house and starts residing with them. She is also ex-fiancé of Salman and Sarah does not appreciate her presence in their house. Sarah thinks that old flames between Salman and Kainat can be spark again so she starts plotting a diabolic scheme against Kainat. Sarah’s envy doesn’t lands here, when chidren grow up, Sarah doesn’t wait her children to develop childhood emotion in adulthood.rnrnWill Sarah’s skeptical and possessive nature make her home safe or will she lose beloved ones?rnrn rnrnDirected by: Abdullah BadinirnrnWritten by: Misbah NosheenrnrnProduced by: SBCH PRODUCTIONSrnrn rnrnCast with respective character names:rnS.No tCharacter tCast Namern1 tShafay tOmer Farooqrn2 tDilnasheen tAnum Fayyazrn3 tZeshan tShahryar Zaidirn4 tNaila tRabia Abid Alirn5 tSara Hayat tIffat Umerrn6 tSalman tBabar Alirn7 tDr Umer tYasir Mazharrn8 tFarheen tZainab Jameelrn9 tYasmeen tFarah Nadeemrn10 tKainat tSara Bhattirn11 tRashid Ali tFahad Khanrn12 tUbaid tAgha Talalrn13 tSonia tParwasharn14 tUmer Mom tShazia Qaiserrn15 tChild Artist Boy tAshirrn16 tChild Artist Boy tAbdurehmanrn17 tChild Artist Girl tSamiya

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