Bechari Mehrunnisa – Episode 125 | Har Pal Geornrn#Bechari Mehrunnisa is the story of a girl ‘Mehrunnisa’ alias Mehru, who has been betrothed to her rich Tayazad bhai ever since she was a kid. She has grown up loving Shehriyar, dreaming about him. Her Tai does not like Mehru and her family as she thinks very low of them. They are poor.rnDespite all the hurdles and opposition from her Tai Mehru gets married to Shehriyar, only to find out that her love was one sided, Shehriyar does not like her at all and is in love with another girl. How will Mehru Survive in her hostile Sasural where she does not even have the support and the love of her husband?rnCast:Farah Shah, Sukaina Khan, Jahanzaib Khan, Kanwar Arsalan, Maryam Tiwana, Javed Jamal, Saleem Iqbal, Shazia Gohar, and othersrnStory & Screenplay: Faysal Manzoor khanrnWritten by: Iqbal BanornDirected by: Naeem KhanrnWatch More Episodes –

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