Drama serial “Tishnagi Dil Ki” narrates the story of who suffers from misunderstanding, detachment and series of misfortunate events. Taaba’anand Zuhairstudies together in a university and are connected with a bond of love. After completing their education, they want to marry each other with the mutual approval of their families. Zuhair’s mother has already made promises with her sister to tie the knot of her sonwith niece, Natasha. She is kind of impolite, arrogant and self-centered girl. Zuhair doesn’t like her at all and it seems like impossible for him to tolerate her as a life partner. rnTaaba’an’s father faces a business collapse and become a defaulter person. His credibility in business circle, property and assets all are reaches at high risks and he is about to lose everything in life. AusaafKiyani, who is friend of Tabaa’s father takes the advantage of this helplessness situation, and offers a marriage proposal to Taaba’an. He is already married, almost having same age of her father and a successful businessman.Taaba’anhas no other option left except to accept this offer and take out her family from financial crises. She gets disconnect from Zuhair without telling her problems and life’s biggest decision. rnAusaafKiyani’s family doesn’t accept Taaba’anand they also do misbehave with him. He suffers from massive heart attack, and asks his friend Khalid to take care of his newlywed wife. Taaba’an’s life takes a turn when Khalid takes her with him to support her. rnWhat future really holds for the love life of Zuhair and Tabaa?rnWill Zuhair accept already married Tabaa or he will tie the knot with Natasha?rn

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20 April, 2017

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