The first episode of Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai has taken the internet by storm, sending shivers right down the spine with its profound dialogue and subdued tone; it tingles from start to finish. And the second episode is right around the corner! Excited? We know we are!

“One of the most powerful viewership experiences”, as quoted by our audience.

The first episode of Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai was quite distinct from other drama serials. We are introduced to all the characters, including Waqar Ahmed, being played by Imran Abbas along with Ayeza Khan as Maheen. The episode focused upon Waqar’s return from overseas to his hometown after an awfully long time. It was indicated that he is despised and unwelcome in his own house. Ami begum, played by Saba Faisal, is on her death bed and wishes to divide her wealth before her last breath, despite the hatred she apparently feels for Waqar, who she once loved dearly.

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Meri adhi jaidad, aur puri NAFRAT ka malik hai woh”, Says Ami BegumBrilliantly formulated and befitting use of words.

There was mystery and intelligence in its dialogue. Of course, given the sheer brilliance of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s work, nothing mediocre was expected, anyway.

“Jiss mattii main admi khela na ho, woh  pairon main palat kar janay se rokti hai. Na janay walay ko patha chalta hai, ke koi ussay rok raha hai.”

Throughout the episode, the audience curiously wondered what Waqar did, to deserve so much hate. Why he did not get married to Maheen. What provoked him to leave home and never return? The unanswered questions instigate intense curiosity, the answers to which, we can only have the privilege of receiving upon sighting the upcoming episodes.

In multiple scenes of the episode, the conversations Waqar and Munshi engage in provided all the insight you need. Bringing memories of imraan abbas’s past under the cold harsh spotlight of his present, the resentment and bitterness Ami begum and the other members of the family feel for Waqar are exhibited in the eyes and the words of Munshi, who even refuses to hug Waqar while picking him up from the airport. (Yes, that is the extent to which he has disappointed everybody)

The serial explores the themes of detachment, lost love, nostalgia and heartbreak.  It picks apart the question of what exactly makes a decision feel “right”, and attempts to subliminally summarize the conundrum in 45 minutes, where Waqar feels as though he is innocent, but the family’s resentment towards him evokes guilt and he begins to doubt his innocence.  Certainly difficult to watch without shedding a tear, it prompted profound thoughts and qualified to be a soul-stirring experience, towards the end of which you would be seen reaching for tissues.

The episode had an intensely emotional feel, putting certain observations of life into perspective – We are all fighting battles within ourselves and sometimes we feel incapable of deciphering the reasons for the resentment we receive from our loved ones.  Certainly, the inspiration for the largely ambiguous and poignant dialogue came to life following real experiences and observations of the acclaimed writer of the play; Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamarm, as the play appeared to be more real than ever.

The storyline allows the pain of rejection to roll out during the entire length of the episode and tackles a terrible state of relationships Waqar (Imran Abbas) has with Ami begum and the others. Moreover, Ayeza Khan was the apple of Ami Begums eye. And she doted on her more than she resented Waqar. Although Maheen (Ayeza Khan) and Waqar (Imran Abbas) have not officially met yet (in the serial), we receive the pleasure of seeing the two together in certain scenes from flashbacks of Waqars memory, which admittedly, is a sight worth seeing and truly pleases the aesthetic senses. The romance is fun and it makes you smile!

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Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai : a scathing critique of the inescapable nature of our problems that push us across the boundaries of dilemmas and labyrinth’s we have no way out of. When you watch the first episode, you will feel as though you are in Waqars skin. His emotions are so meticulously exhibited with assistance from Farooq Rind’s exceptional direction skills. The performances are raw and effortlessly natural, the feel is subdued and profound and the experience promises to shake you inside out and have you hooked.

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