Rating Flyer

RATING BELLS, RATING BELLS, RATING ALL THE WAY! OHH YES …Whether it’s serial or soap, Geo Television is not only delivering quality entertainment to its viewers but also shaking rating meters with sky-high upside bar. We do not believe in any verbosity of being #1 BUT our stats speak volume for gained success with efforts.

First Geo TV’s ace card and premium quality play “KHAN” showed its dominance on Sunday 5th March with 1.75 TRP to give us all the reason to say: “AUR ISS TARNHA KHAN NAY DAI DI HAI MAAT”. Star studded cast like Noman Ijaz, Shaista Lodhi, Aijaz Aslam, Atiqa Odho, Saba Hameed and many more are not only penetrated in viewer’s heart with their remarkable performance but also the swag level of #Khan is now reflecting on Rating bar as well: “Qismat Khan Ko Harana Chahti Hai, Lakin Jeetna Khan Ki Adat Hai” *Take a bow*

Rating Flyer-Khan


At one side, if we have homicidal #Khan in our entertainment umbrella than “Bholi Bano” is not less than that… The innocent and beautiful Bano won the audience heart with 3.8 (Avg TRP) on 6th March and lead its slot with visible margin. Bano keep remember our words, Nani aap ko kuch bhi kehti rahein but aap waqai mein beautiful hain :) *Smooches*

Rating Flyer-Bholi Bano


Well drama serial “Khaali Haath” is not that much Khaali in terms of Ratings … Hehe       Without any doubt this play is emerging as one of the most watched serial on television right these days and audience is getting hooked day by day with story progression. At one side Mashal is gaining sympathies and on the other hand Basil is showing his true colors! Saali, Behnoye, love, hate, misconception, entangling and much more tele-masala making the serial viewer’s first choice. Monday, 6th March… Khaali Haath leads its slot with 4.69 (Avg TRP).

Rating Flyer-Khaali Haath


The kind of sacrifices our Mehrunissa is giving in “Bechari Mehrunissa” is rewarded with 3.3 (Avg TRP) on 7th March, Tuesday. Sukaina Khan’s heart wrenching acting made the audience emotional and glued with Geo TV’s soap. The story of “Bechari Mehrunissa” has already entered in a very interesting phase were she has given permission to her husband for second marriage and now residing in her Maika. First her Saasu Maa and now Raheel bhai is making Mehru’s life quite miserable with taunting. *Aww poor Mehru*

Rating Flyer-Bechari Mehrunnisa


And last but not the least… Geo TV’s latest offering “Aao Laut Chalein” proved its gripping ability from the very beginning on television screen. With 1.82 (Avg TRP) on 5th March Sunday, the story of a struggling mother and a son has gained some serious eye-balls.

Rating Flyer-Aao Laut Chalein

So in the month of March, Geo TV’s ratings are marching towards lead and success :) Dear competitors! Mehnat Karien, Hasad Na Karein 😛 LOL



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