Izn- e- Rukhsat is the story of young girl, Sundus, who fights for herright to belong to a happy family. Sundus is raised by her mother after the painful separation of her parents. Like in any other child’s case, this separation and absence of her father has taken a toll on her personality.rnHiader is Sundus’s love interest to whom she portrayed that she belongs to a happy family; a family where she is treated like a princess by her father. This camouflage is far from reality, but she has built this cover story over the years to avoid peer pressure and speculations.rnSundus’s world will be shaken when Haider’s mother (a single parent, but a widow) will show interest to meet her parents. At this point Tehreem and Ehtishaam (Sundus’s parents) will get in touch after years of separation and decide to live together for few months to maintain a façade of a happy family deciding that after the wedding of their daughter both parents will move on with their own lives.rnAs thestory enfolds viewers will see the struggle Ehtisham will face from his second wife and son. How Tehreem will fight with her emotions and will live with Ehtisham again despite all the baggage she has acclaimed from the times they have lived together. Above all,Sundus for the first time ever will experience family life with both her parents; this will shape her as a better individual.rnThis play shows the strong bonds of family in times of problems and struggles. How two people left their differences aside and came together for the happiness of their daughter. In the end, everything goes back to the way it was before except that Sundus is happily married and feels complete and her parents can part ways without any regrets and with a newfound respect for eachother.rnCast:Faisal Rehman, SabreenIsbahani, Fayeza Khan, SoniyaMashal, Shehzad Sheikh, Ghulam MohiuddinrnWritten by: Maha MalikrnDirected by: Ahmed KamranrnProduced by: 7th Sky Entertainment

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